Portable Car Vacuum Rechargeable Super Suction 120W 6000mbar Auto Vacuum Wet and Dry For Home

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Bullet Point:
1. Fast charging battery, worry-free battery life: it can be fully charged in 2 hours, and it can last for 18 minutes at full speed.
2. Speed up heat dissipation: double-sided air guide design can speed up internal heat dissipation and improve overall battery life.
3. Small, not occupying space: small size, can be placed in any corner, you can easily pick up and take care of the environment in the car when you have free time.
4. The dust box is easy to dump: split design, can be easily disassembled by rotating the buckle, dumping the garbage in the dust box.
5. Wireless vacuuming: There is no entanglement of the power cord, it is light and uncomfortable, and the cleaning in the car is more free. The product only weighs 400G, and the operation with one hand is easier. The dust baffle is opened when vacuuming, and the dust baffle is closed when it is stopped to prevent secondary pollution.


PRODUCT NAME : Wireless Car Vacuum Cleaner
Weight: 400G
Rated speed: 4000 (r/min)
Rated voltage: 12 (V)
Rated input power: 120 (W)
Vacuum suction: 6000 (mbar)
Color : Black/White [ Random Color Given ]
SKU: GZ100154

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