150ml TILE REFORM Waterproof seam agent - Gap filler sealer repair glue

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Description :

The  TILE REFORM Waterproof seam agent is a useful repair glue / filler / sealer. White in color, it is to fill in dark old tile gaps with a whole new white filler. It can be applied in various situations and locations from floor, wall, cracks and edges filling in the unwanted gaps and dark crevices.
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Clean White finish
  • waterproof
  • Suitable for floor, wall, cracks and edge
  • Also provide anti-fungus feature to prevent fungus grow on flooring

How to use :

1. Clean the tile thoroughly and remove the moisture thoroughly and shake it for 20 seconds to prepare for usage

2. Place the inlet of the bottle between the tile gaps and gently press the container to draw along the line between the tiles.

3. Lightly scrape with a sponge to evenly coat the leaves evenly.

4. Dry until tile reform coating is completely firm. (Expecting 2~3 hours depending on environment) You should refrain from cleaning up water for 2 to 3 days, and never use hot water.

Size : 6cm(Diameter) x 16cm(Height) 

Ingredient : Water, Ceramic, Aluminum Hydroxide, Resine

Volume Capacity :150ml

SKU Code : 1000010001838

Packaging Weight : 500 gram
Volume Metric Weight :
 200 gram

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