Closet storage retractable partitions to organize plastic partitions - 2pcs

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Description :

This adjustable drawer divider is ideal for organising utensils, desk office supplies, tools, bedroom drawers for socks and more


  • Adjustable length
  • Can be inserted in a straight angle
  • Material: plastic
  • Combined length: 27.5-51cm

How to Use:

  • Take out the side blocks and stick the anti-slip stickers
  • The side block stuck into the separator body
  • The other side of the separator for the same application
  • Two partitions snap into each other
  • Convex surfaces are facing out
  • Two partitions to be flat to flat
  • If there is still a gap at the end of the separator a layer of anti-slip paste can be added
  • Product is fragile and easy to crack; handle with care
  • Do not put too much strength in dividing back the separator
  • After assembly can put out the anti-slip stickers underneath in the middle of the separator to ensure the middle part does not come off