ICE PACK Multipurpose Physiotherapy Treatment Bag Suitable for Hot & Cold Water Refill

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Description :

A refillable ice pack that can help ease aches and pain of body. Besides being an ice pack used for inserting cool water, it can also be used for inserting warm hot water. Both hot and cold water can be used depending on situations needed to use according to personal preference. Good for headaches, fever, bruises, body ache, joint ache and even neck pain. The leakproof lid cover can be easily removed by unscrewing it and be filled with water(Hot or Cold). The recommended amount of water needed to be filled is about 2/3 of the volume of the ice pack itself.

  • Refillable Ice pack
  • Suitable for Hot & Cold water refill
  • Good for relieving aches and discomfort of body
  • Good for headaches, fever, bruises, body ache, joint ache and even neck pain
  • Easy to refil
  • 2/3 volume refill capacity recommended

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Dimension : 14cm x 14cm

*Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

    Packaging Weight : 300 gram [ Estimation ]
    Product 69 gram +/-

    Volume Metric Weight : 250 gram [ Estimation ]

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