Toilet Bathroom Scrubble Bubble Cleaner Cleaning - Pushtype Magic Gel

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  • Description :

    Easy to use and simple: just aim the gun tube inside toilet, push gently, a lovely rose pattern of gel products immediately closely paste in the toilet wall.Every time a blunt water, gel or release bubble cleaning, it will help clean the toilet. At the same time it will send out faint scent, let toilet keep clean and pure and fresh. Every grain of gel can be blunt water for 1 week.

    Features :
    • As air freshener or fragrance
    • To keep the toilet fresh and clean
    • Helps to clean the toilet bowl
    • Push and stuck the toilet gel disc at the toilet bowl
    • The toilet bowl will be clean when flushing the toilet
    • Effectively remove the smell
    • Keep lasting fragrance
    • Easy and convenient to use
    • Great for use on toilets

      Material : Plastic + Gel

      Colors : Yellow, Red, Blue, Green & Purple (Randomly Given)

      Fragrances : Lemon, Rose, Sea, Jasmine & Lavender (Randomly Given)

      *Measurements may slightly differ due to manual measurements

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    Content :
           1 Box - 1 Pcs Pump gun