1PC Stainless steel kitchen shelf domestic electromagnetic stove bracket gas stove shelf cover cover base frame

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Is the wall covered with oil fume?

Farewell to lampblack
Stainless steel induction cooker frame
From now on, it can be used for both magnetism and fire
It can be used as storage rack at leisure
Make up for the narrow space of the table

Various functions
Rich property
Unlimited development possibilities
Seasoning bottle can be placed
Drill board can be placed
Pot can be placed

Stainless steel material
Anti corrosion, anti rust and high temperature resistance
Drawing treatment of storage panel
Easy to clean
Adapt to kitchen fume environment
Easy to move
There are handles on both sides, which can be moved by light lifting
Anti skid foot pad design, stable storage, not easy to shake
Strong bearing capacity
Thick pipe, screw fixed, strong bearing capacity

Product parameters
Stainless steel induction cooker frame
Product specifications
Scope of application
Product material
stainless steel
Net weight 840g
Installation method
Place on the ground
The total height is 13.5cm
The inner width is 39.5cm
The total width is 40.5cm
Inside length 33cm
The total length is 36.5cm
SKU: GZ100190

Package Included:
1 x stove shelf cover

Warm tips:
the dimensions are measured by hand, there may be about 5-10mm error