[ 500ml ] Toilet and Tile Stain Remover Descaling Cleaner Cleaning Agent

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Description :

A 500ml cleaning agent used for descaling and removing stains, dirt and rust from tiles and toilet bowls. Clean thoroughly the stubborn stains to a clean state. Remove stains, descaling dirt and grime, remove/reduce scratch visibility, keeping a clean state of things. It will be more effective by letting the cleaning agent to set & soak for a few minutes onto the intended cleaning spot before thoroughly cleaning it off.

  • 500ml Cleaning Agent
  • Suitable for cleaning and removing stains from toilet bowls and tiles
  • Remove Stains
  • Descaling Dirt and Grime
  • reduce scratches visibility markings
  • Let the cleaning agent to set and soak for a few minute for more effectiveness

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Packaging Dimension : 10cm x 10cm x 20cm [ Estimation ]

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Packaging Weight : 700 gram [ Estimation ]

Volume Metric Weight : 400 gram

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