Espresso ceramic V60 coffee dripper Drip Filter Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

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** Premium quality: It is made of high quality ceramic, preventing heat loss during brewing, easy to use and clean.
** shape: body helps water to flow to the center, extending the contact time between the coffee powder and hot water.
** Spiral ribs: This makes maximum coffee expansion.
** Large hole: A single hole at the bottom enables the brewer to alter the flavor by altering the speed of the water flow.
** Features: Designed for manual, pour-over brewing, it allows you to choose ideal brewing time and temperature.
** Clean: Easy to clean, you just rinse with water.
** Easy to use:
1. Put the filter paper onto the coffee dripper.
2. Put the ground coffee into the filter paper.
3. Pour the hot water.
4. Enjoy your coffee.

V60 drip coffee recognized in the world.
The cone-shaped paper filter has a deep layer of coffee powder, and the hot water poured into the coffee powder flows toward the top of the cone, so you can extract the taste of the beans firmly.
Polypropylene dripper.

Product name: V60 coffee dripper
Ceramic Type: Porcelain
Color: Black / White / Red  {Random Color Given}
Material: Pp、 porcelain/ Ceramic

SKU: GZ100131

1 x V60 Inspired Ceramic Dripper

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