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👍Mini Exercise Bikes – Your Solution

Mini exercise bikes are a wonderfully simple and convenient solution to this problem. Just like a large stationary exercise bike that you would find at a gym, they provide a light cardiovascular work-out and help you maintain your muscle strength. They can help you to:
✔Keep fit
✔Lose weight
✔Reduce your cholesterol
✔Lower your blood pressure
✔Tone your muscles
✔Maintain your joint flexibility
✔Recuperate after surgery
✔Convenient and Time-Saving

Keeping fit could not be any easier. Mini Exercise bikes are:

  • Small: They take up very little space and can easily be stored away out of sight
  • Lightweight: They are easy to move around, even by someone elderly.
  • Convenient: They enable you to exercise whenever you want in the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home.
  • Affordable: They provide the same benefits of large stationary exercise bikes at a fraction of the cost and will save you hundreds of pounds on gym fees.
  • Time-Saving: They enable you to exercise while doing other things e.g. watching TV, listening to the radio, reading or surfing the internet.
  • Flexible: They can be used at home or work (i.e. under your desk)
  • Versatile: They can be used to exercise both your upper and lower body.
  • Effective: They enable you to maintain a consistent exercise regime, regardless of the weather outside.
  • In this way they are able to help everyone in Britain become just a little bit healthier.

• Magnetic Belt resistance mini cycle, suitable for leg and hand exercise
• Portable and easy storage, suitable for home use
• Multi resistance levels
• LCD display with timer, speed, distance, and calorie counter


Product: Portable Mini Exercise Bike w/Digital Calories Counter
Material: Steel, plastic, and foam
Color: Black
Display automatically turns on when machine is in use
Supports maximum body weight of 120kg
Useful pedal exerciser to work out your legs and arms without any effort and in a comfortable way in your sofa.
Reversible pedals
Non-sliding feet and pedals. Easy to store
Adjustable tightness of the bike to decide the extent of exercise
Packaging dimensions: 42cm x 21cm x 32cm
Weight: 4kg
SKU: GZ100142

Package include:
1 x Portable Mini Exercise Bike w/Digital Calories Counter

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