Ultrasonic Automatic Cleaning Machine High Frequency Vibration Wash Cleaner Washing Glasses contact lens cleaning machine

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【Product Highlights】 
🏆 12000 times/min sonic vibration
It can effectively clean out tiny dirty things such as germs, dust, tear residue etc.
It's ideal for those who wear contact lenses often and better help you protect your eyes from being dry, bloodshot, itching, fuzzy etc.

🏆 3 Min or 5 Min Auto Cleaning
No need to clean it manually by your self.
Just put contact lenses and care solutions together.
It will help you clean up well.

🏆 Independent Cleaning Compartment
Made with medical PP materials, the compartment are non-toxic and odorless.
It is easy to be used and cleaned.
According to expects, it's better to replace new compartment every 3 months.

🏆 Portable and Rechargeable
It's pocket size. So it can be carried with you anytime anywhere.
After fully charged, it can be used for 60 days at most if you use it once per day.

✨ 【Specification】✨ 
Dimension: 8.4 cm *8.2cm * 3.5 cm (Product)
Material: Medical PP material
Input Voltage: DC5V 1A
Colors: White, Blue, Purple, Pink ( Random Color Given )
SKU : GZ100122

👉👉👉 Important Notice
1. Kindly use boiling water to wash the compartment and correspondent tools for every use.
It can keep the tools away from potential germs.

2. Kindly keep the compartment dry before putting back to the cleaner.

3. The contact lens care solutions are not included.
Kindly use new contact lens care solutions for every use.
Do NOT reuse the care solutions.

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