Outdoor camping pot rack square 304 stainless steel barbecue mesh simple firewood BBQ grill outdoor tools

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size: 13*26cm

feature2: stove

feature: fodable

application: outdoor camping

Use: camping

Type: Pocket, Multi Tools

Type: camping stove

Origin: Mainland China

Model: firewood

Material: stainless steel

Function: firewoor rack

Feature: fire platform

Category: stove

Applicable Seasoning Type: wood

New outdoor camping pot rack square 304 stainless steel barbecue mesh simple firewood BBQ grill outdoor tools

Name: stainless steel camping grill mesh

Material: 304 stainless steel

Product size: 13X26CM 13X13CM

Function: high temperature resistance, friction resistance, environmental protection, non-slip

Application: camping, self-driving, tourism, barbecue

Weight: 270 grams

Packing: 304 stainless steel net 2pcs + oxford bag


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