5Pcs 3D Two Side Face Wash Cleanser Brush

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Description :

  • Two way cleansing: silicone surface and bristle.

  • Gently clean your face by the slim and soft 40million bristle.

  • Help to gently remove dead skin and blackhead.

  • 3D bristle design to deep clean all the dirt in pore.

  • Help to reduce acne, blackhead, whitehead.

  • How To Use:
    1. Wet the brush and create enough lather for cleansing.
    2. Gently cleanse the area you want to cleanse in a circular motion with the brush.
    3. For targeted care, such as flakes or blackheads, gently massage using the silicon brush. (Do not put too much pressure when massaging.)
    4. Rinse until no bubbles come out with clean lukewarm water. Squeeze and store it in a dry place.

  • Size : 13cm x 5.5cm

  • Color : Randomly Given