Reflective Tent Ropes 4pcs/pack High Strength 2m Length Wind Rope with Buckle Outdoor Camping Windproof Accessories

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Type: 3 - 4 Person Tent

Tent Accessories: Reflective Ropes, tent rope, sun shelter rope

Product Name: Reflective Ropes

Package Weight: 0.06kg/pack

Package Included: 4pcs/pack

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Nylon

Length: 2m/pc

Accessory Type: Rope

1. Reflective ropes tent accessories, used in tent, sun shelter, awning and etc to Increase wind resistance.
2. 2m/pc and 4pcs/pack, lightweight about 0.05kg/pack.
Item Specifications:
Product Name: Reflective Ropes
Size: 4pcs/pack, 2m/pc
Weight: 0.05kg
Material: Nylon
Color: Green,Orange
Package Included:
4pcs/pack reflective ropes with buckle

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