Double-sided oil-absorbing baking paper vintage food tray deep-fried pad paper grilled silicone oil paper shooting props

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Description :

  • Healthy environmental protection
  • Beautiful and practical
  • Clipping is convenient
  • American style
  • Independent packing
  • Product Name: English blotting paper
  • Material: coated paper
  • Random Color

Scope of application: suitable for baking, barbecue, packaging, refrigeration, etc.
Main picture source: autonomous real shot
Jane British newspaper design retro nostalgic style, elegant and interesting
Food grade paper made of wood pulp can be directly in contact with food

Before you buy:
1. Tips for closing the edge - When placing it in the oven, do not expose the paper to the baking tray to avoid contact between the paper and the heating tube, causing burning hazards. .
2. Corner burrs - edge trimming or unevenness is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use.
3. Individual packaging - single product color box is packaged separately, effective dustproof, clean and hygienic.

1. Most of the goods in the store are fragile and vulnerable, please take it lightly and keep it in a place where children can't easily touch it.
2. About the color difference: the products are taken in kind, because the light angle, the display and other objective reasons will cause a certain color difference, please understand
3.About size: Due to different shooting angles, it will cause certain visual errors. The product description has detailed size descriptions. It is recommended that buyers purchase their own rulers when purchasing.
4.About damage: We solemnly acknowledge that the parcel may be damaged during transportation. You can contact customer service staff to help you within 24 hours after receiving the product.

Dimension : 31*8*8cm

Product Weight : 200g

Packaging Weight : 500g

Volume Metric Weight : 1kg