Electric Hand Mixer Wireless Stainless Steel Egg Beater Electric Whisk Mixer Household Handheld Whisk Stand Mixer

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 Product Description :
【Wireless Use】
⭐With its wireless design,you can freely adjust your stirring angle without worry of the limit of power supply cord.
【5 Speed Gears】
Provide 5 speed for your different stirring need:
⭐Gear 1-2 Low speed mixing suit for Egg mixture and wheaten food
⭐Gear 3-4 Medium speed stirring suit for cream and butter
⭐Gear 5 High speed stirring suit for Egg white
【Small & Lightweight】
⭐   The compact body allows you to hold it completely with one hand and not easy to get you tired while you use it.
【2 High-quality Stainless Steal Stirring Sticks】
⭐   1.Egg Stick has small radius & dense circle net design and prevents splashing liquid.
⭐   2.Cream Stick can be moved flexibly and stirs food through all angles.
【USB Charging & Long-lasting Use】
⭐   Able to be charged at anywhere such as household power supply, laptops, power bank and car, etc. 4 hours fully charging provides up to 80 minutes use.

SKU: GZ100125

✅【How to Use】
⭐   1.Wash the mixing stick before use.
⭐   2.Put the ingredient that you need to be stirred into the vessel.
⭐   3.Insert the agitator stick into the main engine hole till you hear “click”(*Pls make sure the product is not working during installing)
⭐   4.Turn on the product and choose the gear you need for stirring.