Europe Style Premium 45X30cm Table Placemats PVC Waterproof Dining Kitchen

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Description : 

These placemats are woven from PVC fibres so they are not waterproof or completely splash-proof mats.

Durable and durable: The maximum heat-resistant temperature can reach 150°F, which is 65°C. Do not use it beyond the temperature.

Washable: easy to clean and dry quickly.

  • Material: 70% PVC + 30% polyester

  • Size : (45cmX30cm)

  • Color : Randomly Given 

Care instructions:
1. Wash with water and dry in the shade.
2. Do not machine wash or dry with microwave.
3. Repeated chaos.
4. Wipe easily with a damp cloth or with a small amount of detergent to make them look like new.
5. When you encounter a crease problem, soak it in warm water and take it out, put some heavy objects on it, and the crease will disappear.

Range of use:
1. With a variety of styles of furniture, you can lattice under the cups, cutlery, vases and ashtrays, as an ornament for the dining table and coffee table.
2. Mats, coasters, potholders and heating pads for dining tables, coffee tables and cutlery trays.
3. Family, hotel and business offices, conference tables, kitchen tables.
4. Attractive on the wooden table, eat together at dinner, barbecue, etc.

Dimension : 45cm x 30cm x 3cm 

Product Weight : 0.6 kg 

Packaging Weight : 0.9 kg 

Volume Metric Weight : 0.8 kg