Golden Egg Yolk Shaker Mixer Roller Hand Manual Crank Pulley

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Description :

A hand manual cranked pulley egg shaker. By pulling the pulley string, the egg stored inside the housing will spin at a fast pace. By constantly repeating and pulling the string, the egg continue to spin. During the spinning, the egg yolk and egg white will mix and blend together, in result from the fast spinning. Recommended to pull the pulley string repeatedly 25-40 times for effectiveness(Do not rest within the 25-40 times pulling the string). The results will create a good yellow gold mixture of mixed together Egg Yolk and Egg White. Can be used for cooking, boiling and many more egg based dishes.

  • Egg Shaker Roller
  • Hand manual cranked pulley
  • Pulley String
  • Mix the Egg Yolk and Egg White Together when Spinning
  • Recommended to pull pulley string 25-40 times repeatedly for better egg mixing result(Do not rest in between)

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Dimension : 7.5cm(Diameter) x 16.5cm(H)

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