Household food vacuum sealing machine packaging machine automatic commercial best vacuum food sealing machine mini

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Our state of the art vacuum sealer is an economical solution to keep food fresh longer. Store & preserve vegetables, fruits & meats or vacuum for sous vide.
Our food saver works efficiently with both dry and moist food. Use the seal function to close the bottom of the bag, place contents inside and press vacuum & seal.

Weight: 1.20kg
Rated voltage: 220V AC
Color: Black Silvery Pink Orange (Random Color)
Power: 80W
Sealing ring: high sealing silicone rubber
Vacuum degree: 22in Hg
Sealing width: 30cm Max
Heating wire width: 3mm
Working mode: automatic/hand control
Host shell material: ABS
Overall size: 36.6*14.2*6.7cm
SKU: GZ100128

Sealing (Plastic bags, Snack bags or Normal Food bags)
1. Cut the roll bag as you want (6cm longer than the content)
2. Run the machine and see if the green light is on.
3. Lift up the cover, put the edge of plastic bags evenly in front of the gealting line then close the cover.
4. Lock the both side of hooks and keep pushing the ON button for 1.5 second. You can see the red lamp when it is working.
5. When done, the light changes to green from red. Unlock the hook and you have it sealed.

Auto Vacuum Sealing:
1. Run the machine and check the green lamp.
2. Lift the cover up.
3. Place te edge of plastic bags in front of the lower packing.
* Do not use too much in on use.
* Keep 3/4 of contents.
4. Close the cover, unlock the hooks and double push the ON button.
5. Green lamp is on and the air inside goes out.
*Press off button if you want to stop.
6. When green lamp becomes red, sealing process is automatically starting.
7. When everything is done, red lamp becomes green.

Lamp Working Process:
• Sealing
-Green lamp (Power ON) > Red lamp (Sealing) > Green lamp blinking (Done)
• Vacuum Sealing
-Green lamp (Power ON) > Red Lamp (Vacuum pump working) > Green lamp blinking (DONE)
Package Contents:
1 x Vacuum Food Sealer machine