Kitchen Storage Rack Shelf Wrap Cutting Wall Hanging Paper Towel Holder

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Description : 


  • Use high quality ABS material, more durable, non-toxic, safe and tasteless.
  • baffle card slot design, gently press both sides, the baffle can be easily removed.
  • Reasonable design, easy cutting, hanging hole design, can be hung, even can glue 3M glue.
  • two types of cutter, round for cutting foil paper, oil absorbing paper; Triangle suitable for cutting transparent film. It is forbidden to store paper towels, plastic wrap, tin foil, etc., the top can also put a little condiments.
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Color: Randomly Given 
  • Storage of plastic wrap, tin foil paper, oil-absorbing paper, paper towels, built-in triangular knife and circular scissors two cutting, to facilitate your life.
  • Storage of the top of the paper towel can also put some spices, the front cover open, plastic wrap, tin foil can be placed inside.
  • The bottom lever can be disassembled for 28cm length paper towels. Comes with hanging holes, can be easily suspended.

Dimension :    39cm x 10cm x 24cm

Product Weight : 0.6 kg 

Packaging Weight : 1 kg

Volume Metric Weight : 1.8 kg