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Description :

  • Randomly Given( Color)
  • Material: Plastic
  • The double rod suspension design is adopted for the drip cloth rack, and the towel cloth is not easy to fit, clean and hygienic.
  • Healthy material, comfortable handle, round edge, multi-layer storage, anti-skid design, easy to clean.
  • Keep the kitchen clean, store and save space; hang pole to store dishcloth, wipe towel, clean ball, etc.
  • It can be disassembled as a whole, easy to clean, and can also be used alone.
  • It's easy to take and say goodbye to clutter; double pole suspension can accommodate multiple rags.
  • The bottom water storage box can easily dump the water and keep the table clean.
  • Place small items, make rational use of space, and store a variety of small items of scalpel kitchen utensils.
  • Bottom storage, neat and orderly, bottom storage clean wipe, sponge, steel ball, etc.
  • Wipe the table and hang the cloth easily; it doesn't interfere at all, and it's intimate with small details.
  • Induction, clean and tidy; bathroom storage can put soap brush to save space.
  • With asphalt layer: hanging cloth for easy drainage, double layer storage base easy to clean; anti slip design: the bottom is increased, anti-skid use is more comfortable; double pole suspension: hanging storage towel, placing kitchen utensils, saving space.

Dimension : 19*24.5*8.5cm
Product Weight : 0.2kg
Packaging Weight : 0.5kg
Volume Metric Weight : 0.8kg

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