Large-capacity ceramic handle bowl, rice bowl, Nordic style salad bowl, home soup bowl, noodle bowl, breakfast bowl

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Description :

  • multiple colour
  • large capacity
  • Multi-purpose bowl
  • Traditional crafts
  • Can be put in the microwave
  • Name: Ceramic-UYS Solid Color Handle Bowl
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Specifications: Total length with handle: 20cm
  • Bowl mouth diameter: 15cm
  • Bowl diameter: 12cm
  • Handle length: 5cm
  • Height: 5.5cm
  • Whether assembly is required: Not required
  • Random Color

Scope of application: microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, ozone sterilizer, open flame is prohibited
Main picture source: Autonomous real shot picture

Before you buy:
1. If you are in the dishwasher, please choose the dishwasher with "Porcelain and Crystal" washing function.
2. Do not use hard materials, such as steel balls, to wipe hard to avoid damage to the enamel and scratches.
3. If sticky objects or hard residues, soak in water before scrubbing.

1. Most of the products in the store are fragile and fragile. Please handle it lightly and store it in a place where children cannot reach it.
2. Regarding chromatic aberration: all products are taken in kind, because of objective reasons such as light angle and different displays will cause certain chromatic aberration, please understand
3. About size: due to the different shooting angles, there will be certain visual errors. Detailed product descriptions are included in the product description. It is recommended that buyers bring their own rulers to measure when buying.
4. About the damage: Our store solemnly acknowledges that the package is damaged during transportation. You can contact the customer service staff to help you deal with it within 24 hours after receiving the product.

Dimension : 20*15*6cm

Product Weight : 175g

Packaging Weight : 475g

Volume Metric Weight :1kg