Petals ceramic dishes hot pot dipping sauce vinegar dish Japanese mustard saucer irregular small plate

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Description :

  • Vitrification
  • Creative
  • Porcelain is delicate and thick
  • Smooth line
  • Independent packing
  • Flower Design Dish
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Random Color
  • Scope of application: can be placed in a microwave, oven, dishwasher, dishwasher, etc.
  • Main picture source: autonomous real shot

The smart floral design is elegant and creative. When the kiln is transformed into glaze, the traces of rogues are naturally used as the meridian meridians, and the unique effect is very beautiful

Before you buy:
1. The kiln has changed thousands of times - due to the special process of kiln glaze, the products of different production batches may have subtle chromatic aberration and more natural beauty.
2. Ceramic products - local occasional black spots, small pores, glaze, agglomeration, etc. are normal phenomena, need to know before buying.
3. The bottom is non-slip - for the sake of anti-slip, the bottom is not glazed, does not affect the appearance and use.

1. Most of the goods in the store are fragile and vulnerable, please take it lightly and keep it in a place where children can't easily touch it.
2. About the color difference: the products are taken in kind, because the light angle, the display and other objective reasons will cause a certain color difference, please understand
3.About size: Due to different shooting angles, it will cause certain visual errors. The product description has detailed size descriptions. It is recommended that buyers purchase their own rulers when purchasing.

Dimension : 15*15*5cm

Product Weight : 200g

Packaging Weight : 500g

Volume Metric Weight :1kg