Portable Electric Lunch Box Heating Double Layer Stainless Multifunctional Mini Rice Cooker

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【Product Description】
Convenience at your fingertips with this double stacked electric lunch box. Cook your food and keep your prepared food warm and bring it anywhere with you! Suitable for travel use.

【Product Features】
- Easy one push button to activate cooking.
- Circulating heat that ensures even cooking.
- Maintains moisture and keeps the freshness of your food.
- 4 separate leak proof stainless steel containers to maintain the flavours of each food item.
- Made with 304 food grade stainless steel.

- Before use, fill up the containers with water and cook for 30 minutes to clean.
- Rough water guide: 60ml water = 15 minutes cooking time, 180ml = 45 minutes cooking time.
- Built in safety feature: Anti-dry burning, auto power cut when water dries off or not enough water.

【Technical Details】
Power: 250 watt
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Total Volume: 1.5L (0.37L x 4 containers)
Weight: 1.65kg
SKU: GZ100151

What's included in the package:
1 x Electric lunch box

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