Rotary Salad Spinner Dehydrated Machine Manual Salad Dehydrator Vegetable Colander Water Drain Basket

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Description : 

  • ➤ The principle of the dehydrator: high-speed centrifugal dehydration, the lid is closely attached to the bucket, and the centrifugal high-speed rotation can keep the ingredients fresh and dry.
  • ➤ Multi-functional dewatering basket: it can be used for both draining and dehydrating. It can be used for storing vegetables and serving as a container. It is highly practical.
  • ➤ Dehydrator material: the dehydrator cover and drain part are made of PP; the bottom non-slip mat is made of rubber material, and the body is made of PS material.
  • ➤ 2300L Large-capacity dehydrator: Large-capacity washing bucket, which can be used separately after disassembly, transparent and large capacity, can wash a large number of fruits and vegetables at one time

Dimension : 26cm x 10cm x 17cm 

Product Weight : 1kg

Packaging Weight : 1.3kg

Volume Metric Weight : 0.8kg